It seems that Donald Trump and company are intent on building their silly little wall. I have to wonder if the administration is taking bribes from the concrete or construction industry. Perhaps those republican congresspersons in the states where this boondogle will be built are taking the bribes. Who knows?

What I do know is that they are advocating the most expensive and inefficent way to accomplish the goal of deporting undocumented, correction, ILLEGAL (after all we must be GOP politically correct) that has been dreamed up so far.

Now it is true that Trump said at one time that it was not going to be ALL a wall but instead, a combination of fences and walls and other methods of stopping the influx of illegals across the southern borders of the United States.

The thing is, why build a wall at all? Not one foot not or even one inch is needed. What is needed instead are towers.

Have you ever wondered how fires are spotted in remote areas of vast forest covering hundreds of thousands of acres? The answer is a network of towers, hundreds perhaps thousands of them spread over large distances within sight of each other. Every square inch of the target areas are covered by forest rangers manning these towers ready at a moments notice to send out the alarm to the various firefighting units to come in and put out the fires.

Now, the length of the southern United States border with Mexico is around 1951 miles.  That means that around the same number of towers would need to be built high enough to see each other and the areas between and around them. 

The earth has an arc of .045 degrees per mile. This means that it would be easy enough to calculate how high an observation tower would need to be in order for those manning these tower would need to to see each other.

It turns out that the towers would not have to be very high which means they could be built cheaply. The towers could also be equiped with state of the art flir cameras (the kind that can see things in the dark) as well as other methods of detecting anyone crossing over the border into the United States. 

There are, of course, also drones which can be flown at great altitudes and controlled remotely which just might cut down the need for so many towers.

I have watched a number of tv shows about border patrol agents having to go through dense areas of foliage in order to catch the illegals that have already made it across the border that also brings up another point. 

Why not build a decent roadway system that would make it easier to access these areas rather than having to rely on agents going in on foot and horses to get where they need to go. Having a roadway run from tower to tower would make life much easier on those who have to catch the illegals that make it through the high tech system set up to prevent them from getting that far in the first place.

As for the millions that are already here. Use the money saved from not building that stupid wall and put the illegals on a bus and send them back to where they came from. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper.

As for the legality for all of this, well, Trump has packed the courts with conservative judges and it seems he is intent on putting more of them on the bench. Trump and the Republicans control both sides of congress so it should be no trouble for them to pass the laws needed to carry out such a mission.

This begs the question as to why Trump and the GOP have not done these things already. It seems simple enough if they have the POLITICAL WILL to put a stop to the migration of illegals into this country rather than sit around and just talk about doing so and coming up with the most complicated way to achieve that goal.

Or is this all just a gimmick to get their supporters all riled up to vote for them over and over again while they do nothing?

It kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?


Until later



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