On January 8th of this year, the reclusive conspiracy theorist obsessed with missing and abused children posted on his two blogs and youtube accounts that he had received a telephone call where he alleged he heard the sacrifice of a child as it happened.

He also claimed to have informed the East Grand Forks, Mn. police department of the incident. Within hours of his posting the recording, it vanished off of Youtube and subsequently off of all of his social media accounts. To date there has been no comment either by him or any of those who used to comment on his various social media websites.

I contacted the above law enforcement agency and they did recieve a report by the conspiracy theorist. Unfortunately he did NOT provide the recording to them but, instead directed them to his social media accounts. When a detective checked the social media accounts, there was no recording and they concluded that his report was without merit and declared that no additional investigation would be taking place.

I had figured as much as his actions seemed to indicate that he was perpatrating another hoax for both attention and for donation funds as he has requested on all of his websites. 

The primary reason for my doubt is the series of actions he took and also did not take in regards to the alleged call.

The first thing he did when he received the alleged call was to upload it onto youtube and then link the recording to his various social media websites which included Twitter and Facebook along with his blogs.

Let this sink in. If he cared as much for the welfare of the child in question, the FIRST thing he should have done was to call law enforcement FIRST rather than waste a lot of time preparing the recording for publishing on the internet. He took the time to edit the recording and take a photo of the phone when the message appeared on it.

When a crime of this nature takes place, time is of the essence when both trying to solve the crime but to perhaps save the life of the alleged victim. He might also have been given instructions NOT to make the recordings public in order to give law enforcement a chance to find out where the call came from and possibly apprehend the criminals since they might not have been aware that he had reported the incident to law enforcement.

Instead, he made every mistake in the book and probably ruined any chances of finding out who the victim was and who exactly it was who committed the crime.

That is, of course, if a crime actually took place.

It would appear that he realized what a big mistake he made by creating the hoax and tried to correct himself before things got out of hand.

This might have been too late for him to do. After I got through talking to the detective at the local police department, I placed a call to the Minneapolis, Mn. field office of the FBI and discussed the matter with them. I gave them detailed information as to the name and address of the conspiracy theorist as well as links to all of his social media websites. I also gave them all the contact information for the local police agency where the incident was first reported.

The agent I contacted said that they would look into the matter and thanked me for contacting them.

As I said earlier, there has been no activity on the conspiracy theorists websites nor have there been any comments since he first wrote about the incident. This makes me curious as to why the silence.

Sometime soon, those questions may be answered.

Until Later….


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