Well, I guess I should have known better. I lifted my embargo against writing about the odd conspiracy theorist to broach on the subject of his ” child sacrifice” audio recording that he published on Jan 8th. It turned out to be much ado about nothing.

The audio recording which was quite brief, consisted of someone making some kind of unintelligable chant with what could be loosely described as music in the background. The so called crying baby such as it was, was brief and only was descernable for a second at the end of the recording.

The best metaphor I could come up with to describe the recording is that of a fish story where the fish gets bigger every time the story was told. No sensible person would have concluded that a child or anyone, for that matter, was harmed in any way.

At best it was a recording, likely made by the conspiracy theorist himself or an excerpt from a movie or other commercial product that he edited to make up this silly hoax, or someone making a prank call.

Law enforcement still considers his report to be without merit and will not be conducting any kind of investigation.

Now that this nonsense has been exposed for what it is, I return to my self imposed embargo of not writing about this nut and get back on track with this new blog. 

I will refrain writing about him and his theories unless something more significant and worthwhile develops.

So, for now,  the conspiracy nut is now once again part of the insiginificant past where he can stay. 

Until later




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