The conspiracy theorist who claimed to have received a phone call containing what he claimed was the sacrifice of a child in a satanic abuse seems rather concerned that I mentioned this in my small blog along with my opinion regarding how he handled the matter.

His response was rather odd to say the least. The first thing he did was to write to the chief of police of that department claiming this time to have attached the recording to the email. He claimed in his article that first processing the recording and then putting it on youtube before contacting the department was the fastest way to inform them of the incident.

He did not respond to my comment that it would have been a lot faster to call the police immediately upon receiving the call and playing the recording to them over the phone. He also did not explain why he felt it was necessary to publish it to youtube and then link it to his blogs in a public forum.

Mr. Holmseth also did not address the fact that he went against the normal advice of law enforcement in that it is best not to tip a defendant of a crime by tipping them off that they may be investigated. By doing so he probably allowed whoever made that call (if it is genuine) to eliminate whatever trace evidence might have been detectable if Mr Holmseth had kept the call confidential until law enforcement had enough time to conduct a proper investigation. 

Mr. Holmseth also changed his story. In the original  Jan 8th headline he wrote “BABY SACRIFICED DURING CALL TO ME!”

In his Jan 10th post, however, he stated that “He heard ritualistic chanting and the sould of a baby crying in the background.” He removed the “baby being sacrificed” language from his letter to the chief of police The problem with this dramatic change is it lessons the value of the alleged hearsay evidence since the chanting could have come from a movie and the crying baby may not have been in any danger at all. 

Finally, in another example of his continuing odd behavior, he put up once again a coyrighted 8 year old video that had absolutely nothing to do with his claim that the call to him was genuine. His posting of that video was a deliberate attempt to cloud the issue of the phone call and to divert attention away from his strange actions.

One thing that Mr Holmseth did NOT do was to contact the Minneapolis MN office of the FBI who would have had the proper resources to investigate that kind of incident since that call would fall under their juristiction as part of the computer fraud and abuse act which the FBI is charged with enforcing. 

At this point it does not matter if anyone believes either me or Holmseth. People are going to believe what they want to believe. It is sad that Mr Holmseth insists on his odd behavior and continues to refuse to address questions about  his claims directly.

The important thing that should be of concern is the damage that he might be doing to the legitimate investigations of these kinds of abuses of children. By engaging in these kind of stunts, Holmseth and people like him are making it so that law enforcement will not take the claims of bloggers seriously and as a result, many of these cases will go unsolved and untold numbers of children will be abused who may have otherwise been saved. 

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